IBM App Connect Designer includes a growing set of connectors for popular SaaS applications, designed for business users who want to automate repetitive tasks that use public cloud applications. For the applications available in IBM App Connect Designer, see the page.

Some of the applications available in App Connect Designer (Click image to see full size.)

In just a few simple steps, integration developers can add custom applications to App Connect to provide additional connectivity through IBM Integration Bus flows. Your custom applications have the same, familiar look and feel as the 3rd-party applications to users of App Connect. IBM Integration Bus could be performing extremely complex integrations, but when configured they appear just like any other application, with the same simple click-and-select experience to connect SaaS applications with on-premises proprietary applications and systems.

IBM App Connect Professional Studio includes even more pre-built connectivity to hundreds of SaaS, packaged, and proprietary applications, both on cloud and on premises, which include Enterprise resource planning (ERP), Customer relationship management (CRM), Databases, web services, and flat files. This connectivity is established to endpoints by using native application protocols, with the advantage that no additional adapters are required and there is nothing to install or change at the endpoints.

IBM App Connect Professional Studio also includes a rich set of integration templates that can help to significantly reduce the time needed to integrate SaaS and on premises applications. Hundreds of reusable Template Integration Processes (TIPs) are provided for all of the most common cloud integration scenarios.

The online library of templates can be searched with a single click, for example, to be able to select from all templates that provide connectivity for cloud offerings(i) (select the image to view at full size):

App Connect Professional Studio built-in templates for cloud offerings

IBM App Connect Professional Studio also includes tools for you to customise its application connectivity:

  • A Connector Development Kit that enables developers to add connectors to custom applications.
  • A Template Configuration Editor that enables the creation of reusable integration templates. Businesses and partners can create their own wizard-driven, reusable templates and make the kits valuable to the entire user community.

Built-in connectivity for cloud offerings

IBM App Connect Professional comes with built-in connectivity to all cloud offerings. The platform offers pre-built connectors for web services API and Bulk API. It also provides an out of the box connector for Salesforce Analytics Cloud, Wave Analytics platform.

4 comments on"Extensive built-in connectivity using IBM App Connect"

  1. Hi, I have a question about IBM App Connect for Salesforce. Q: Does IBM App Connect support SFDC to P8 Filenet connections?

    • Ian_Larner March 06, 2018

      Hello Sami,
      Filenet isn’t yet on the roadmap for IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud. However, Filenet exposes Webservices (SOAP based). so you can use the Web services connector from IBM App Connect Professional (Studio) to connect to Filenet. See Web services activities.

      P.S. When a connector is not available for an app in App Connect on IBM Cloud, one thing to consider is to use an HTTP node to call the app’s API or to define the app as an OpenAPI user-defined app (if the app conforms to OpenAPI).

      Regards, Ian

  2. I was trying to delete a DropBox file using app connect – scheduler flow. Couldnt find any methods/functions inbuilt

    • @Jay Hi,
      Your observation is correct. We have not yet enabled Delete actions in the Designer UI, but adding support for delete is on our roadmap and is functionality we will be adding to Designer soon. You can use Delete actions in flows authored in the Studio UI of App Connect Professional; for more information about Dropbox in Studio, see Dropbox Activities in the product documentation for IBM App Connect Professional v7.5.2. You can try this in the free trial of App Connect Professional.

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