You can use App Connect Designer to connect apps by configuration and data mapping without a need for coding, and can achieve a return on your investment in minutes/hours, not days/months.

Generally, connecting apps in App Connect Designer uses the same straightforward exercise of creating an event-driven flow or creating flows for an API, as described in the general guide How to connect apps – general use of App Connect Designer.

Some apps have special prerequisites, considerations, or example use cases; for these apps we are developing app-specific “How-to” guides.

We’ll be using this page to collect a growing set of “How-to” guides.

For a list of all the applications available in IBM App Connect Designer, see the page.

If you can’t find what you want, or have comments about the “how-to” information, please either add comments to the bottom of this page or .

You might also like to check the forum, where you can also ask questions for support or general topics.

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3 comments on"How-to guides for apps"

  1. Can we use IBM App Connect with ILC and trigger the flow of that data to SAP HRMS system ?

  2. Giridhar Ks August 09, 2017

    How to use IBM App Connect with SQL Server?

    • Giridhar
      Thank you for the question. This is something we’re already looking into for future functionality.
      I recommend keeping an eye on the What’s New? page to keep track of the new functionality being released.
      Regards, Ian

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