You can use App Connect Designer to connect apps by configuration and data mapping without a need for coding, and can achieve a return on your investment in minutes/hours, not days/months.

Generally, connecting apps in App Connect Designer uses the same straightforward exercise of creating an event-driven flow or creating flows for an API, as described in the general guide How to connect apps – general use of App Connect Designer.

Some apps have special prerequisites, considerations, or example use cases; for these apps we are developing app-specific “How-to” guides.

We’ll be using this page to collect a growing set of “How-to” guides.

For a list of all the applications available in IBM App Connect Designer, see the page.

If you can’t find what you want, or have comments about the “how-to” information, please either add comments to the bottom of this page or .

You might also like to check the forum, where you can also ask questions for support or general topics.

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11 comments on"How-to guides for apps"

  1. Is there any connector for GCP or any way to connect to GCP

    • @aman connectors for GCP apps are in plan to be available soon in App Connect in IBM Cloud Pak for Integration.
      Are you looking for the connectors in App Connect on IBM Cloud?
      Do you have any specific usecase that you want to achieve?


  2. Is there any update on the OracleEBS ?

    • Ian_Larner March 04, 2020

      @DD Hi
      We are working on the Oracle EBS connector for App Connect Designer, but it is currently not available to customers. We expect this connector to be available in the coming months.
      Regards, Ian

  3. Ejder Karibaldi October 09, 2019

    Hello – does IBM ACE have connector for Oracle EBS? I can see in connector list but I cannot see in this how-to list.

    If there is a connector for Oracle EBS, can you point me to relevant documentation?

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Ejder,
      OracleEBS is on the short-term roadmap, but I can’t give a specific date when they will be available. If you want more details, please contact to discuss more.

      Meanwhile, if you want an App Connect flow to take actions on Peoplesoft and Taleo, I you can call APIs from an App Connect flow so should be able to call Oracle E-Business Suite APIs to GET, PUT, or POST data in Oracle EBS. For more about this, see Calling APIs from a flow.


  4. Mukesh Kumar Verma June 07, 2019

    How do we connect to Oracle using App Connect?

    • Ian_Larner June 10, 2019

      Hi Mukesh
      If you are looking to connect to Oracle database using IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud, it is a straightforward exercise of creating an event-driven flow or creating a flow for an API, as described in the general guide How to connect apps – general use of App Connect Designer. We did not create a “how to” guide for Oracle, as there did not seem anything special that needed describing… and to see if clients wanted more about Oracle.

      To connect to Oracle database, you’ll need the details to connect to your Oracle instance, and if the Oracle database server is in a private network you’ll need to set up a gateway that App Connect will use to securely access the Oracle database server. There’s a tutorial about this: Creating a contact record in Oracle table when a new lead is created in Salesforce.

      If you are looking to use IBM App Connect Enterprise with Oracle, you also have other options including using ODBC connections to Oracle, SSL authentication or Advanced Security (OAS), globally coordinating message flow transactions with updates in Oracle databases, and using JMS nodes to communicate with Oracle AQ.

      If you can provide more information about your interest, we can look at creating a “how to” page and related templates or tutorials to help.


  5. Can we use IBM App Connect with ILC and trigger the flow of that data to SAP HRMS system ?

  6. Giridhar Ks August 09, 2017

    How to use IBM App Connect with SQL Server?

    • Giridhar
      Thank you for the question. This is something we’re already looking into for future functionality.
      I recommend keeping an eye on the What’s New? page to keep track of the new functionality being released.
      Regards, Ian

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