IBM App Connect passes key data between Eventbrite and other apps – automatically, in real time.

You can use App Connect to connect Eventbrite to your apps by mapping data graphically – without the need for coding – meaning that you can achieve a return on your investment in minutes or hours, not days or months.

This guide shows you how.

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About Eventbrite

Eventbrite is an event management portal that helps you to publicize and sell tickets for your events, and keep up to date with your guest list. Every sign-up is a future relationship. App Connect ensures that you capture all those potential customers; for example, every time someone signs up for your event, App Connect can automatically add their details to your CRM system, or add them to a mailing list. You can also use App Connect to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date information to plan your events; for example, App Connect can automatically add a new contact or organizer to your Eventbrite account when personnel details are updated in another system.

A typical business scenario

Say you’re organizing a big event. There’s so much to do to set up the event, including publicizing it, selling tickets, and keeping track of your guest list. So you’re using Eventbrite. While Eventbrite is taking care of your event, you’d love to be spending more time preparing for it. But for every guest that signs up to your event, you have to spend time adding their details to your CRM and marketing apps, and updating mailing lists. Also, people might express interest in your event through emails, surveys, CRM updates, and changes in other apps, and for every such change, you have to spend time adding the details to Eventbrite.

How App Connect can help

Use App Connect to connect Eventbrite to your other apps. So whenever someone signs up for your event, a new contact or lead is added in your CRM or marketing app automatically; or they’re added automatically to a mailing list; or a message is posted to your messaging service; or all these things and more. Likewise, when customer or personnel details are updated in your CRM system or other apps, App Connect automatically reflects those changes in Eventbrite, for example by adding a new contact list, contact, or organizer.

So App Connect automatically reflects changes that you want between Eventbrite and your other apps, so you have more time to prepare and manage your events.

What should I consider first?

In App Connect, there might be times when you want to specify the unique ID for an Eventbrite resource, like a venue, category, or format. For information about how to identify a unique ID, you can use the Eventbrite help and API Explorer, including:

  • How to find your event ID
  • Using the API Explorer to get IDs for your categories, formats, venues and other resources: see the Eventbrite API Documentation. To see this page, you’ll need your Eventbrite personal OAuth token, your_api_token, which is described in the Eventbrite API Documentation.

    Examples: In your web browser, you can use the following URLs with your_api_token to get IDs and other details for Eventbrite resources:

    • Finding your event venues:
    • Finding categories defined by Eventbrite:
    • Finding formats defined by Eventbrite:

You can see a full list of the trigger events and the actions that are available with Eventbrite on the Applications tab on the App Connect Catalog page. Before you add some of the Eventbrite events or actions to your flow, make sure you have the following resources:

  • You’ll need the user name and password of your Eventbrite account so that you can connect App Connect to it.
  • If you choose the “New attendee” or “New order” event to trigger your flow, you must have one or more events set up in Eventbrite; these are the events that App Connect will monitor for new attendees and orders.
  • If you add the “Create contact” action to your flow, you must have an existing contact list in Eventbrite for App Connect to add your contact to.


Eventbrite New attendee icon and MailChimp New subscriber icon

Creating an event-driven flow that adds someone to a MailChimp mailing list When they sign up to an event in Eventbrite

Learn how easy it is to use App Connect to connect Eventbrite to MailChimp so that every time someone signs up to your event in Eventbrite, the attendee is added automatically to a mailing list in MailChimp.

SugarCRM tutorial flow

Create an event-driven flow that adds a new Eventbrite attendee as a SugarCRM lead and sends different emails for new or existing leads

Learn how easy it is to use App Connect Designer to create an event-driven flow that when someone registers for an event in Eventbrite, creates a lead in SugarCRM and sends the attendee an email depending on whether or not they are an existing lead.

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