You can create custom applications from IBM Integration Bus message flows that are deployed to IBM Integration Bus on-premises environments or to IBM Integration Bus on Cloud.

You can import these applications into the IBM App Connect catalog and then use App Connect to pass key data between IBM Integration Bus and other apps – automatically, in real time. You can do so by creating an App Connect flow to connect each custom application to any other application supported by App Connect, so that messages that are processed by the message flow initiate actions in another application.

For example, you might create an App Connect flow so that when a Warehouse system sends a new stock notification to an IBM Integration Bus message flow, an email is automatically sent to interested customers with details of the stock availability.

You can use App Connect with IBM Integration Bus custom applications by configuration and data mapping without a need for coding, and can achieve a return on your investment in minutes/hours, not days/months.

This guide shows you how…

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What should I consider first?

You must have an application definition file for your custom application that contains the events and actions that you can use in App Connect.

Note: Currently, you can connect only a custom application that is based on an IBM Integration Bus message flow. For more information about the custom application used, and as an example on which you might base your own custom applications, see Warehouse sample application.

Complete the following steps to connect a custom application:

  1. From the Applications tab on the Catalog page, click Add your application now. (You’ll find this link at the bottom of the page.)

    You are redirected to the “Add application” page, which you can use to add IBM Integration Bus custom applications to App Connect.

  2. Give your application a name and a description.
  3. If your application is not available from the internet, you need to connect to your private network; see Configuring a private network for IBM App Connect.
  4. Add your application definition file and click Apply.

Result: Your application is now displayed on the Applications tab and you can select the application as a source application (if the application has triggers) and as a target application (if the application has actions).


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