You can use IBM App Connect to pass key data between Magento and other apps – automatically, in real time.

You can use App Connect to connect Magento to your apps by mapping data graphically – without the need for coding – meaning that you can achieve a return on your investment in minutes or hours, not days or months.

This guide is to show you how…

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About Magento

Magento is an eCommerce platform that integrates online and physical shopping experiences. If you’re looking to connect your Magento eCommerce platform to apps, services, and resources in your wider enterprise environment, we’ve got it covered. It’s easy to build flows in IBM App Connect that respond to events and take actions automatically, freeing up your time for the work that’s important to you.

A typical business scenario

You’re a busy merchant competing in the modern eCommerce landscape, with a lot on your plate. You want to make sure that you’re getting the right information to your customers and suppliers at the right time. To help, you are using Magento as your eCommerce platform.

To make the most of Magento’s features, you want to make sure that it has access to all your valuable customer information, like contacts from your sales apps, attendees at events, and completed questionnaires. You also want events in Magento, like a new sales order, to notify your teams or suppliers, so that the order can be handled or other actions can be taken. to But you don’t have the time to transfer all this information manually.

You also want to make sure that your sales team is always up to date with the valuable customer information in Magento, so that your sales team have the latest information to focus on revenue-generating leads. For this, you want your Magento information to automatically sync to Salesforce (or another CRM) and perhaps to be additionally enhanced by selective logic or cognitive actions.

How App Connect can help

Connect App Connect to your apps, and let it pass the key information automatically between Magento and other apps. So no more time wasted manually transferring your new sales contacts from your CRM to Magento. Similarly, you might want to use that precious information in Magento to update other apps like Salesforce. When you get a new order in Magento, you might want to create a card in Trello to track the order, add a message to a Slack channel to notify your team, or use Twilio to send an SMS message to the customer who made the new order. Instead of spending time completing these actions by hand, let App Connect update your apps automatically in real time, and perhaps additionally enhance updates by selective logic or cognitive actions. App Connect automates the sharing of this valuable data across these different apps.

What should I consider first?

Before you can use App Connect Designer with Magento, consider the following information.

  • The Magento smart connector was developed and verified with Magento Open Source 2.2.5
  • In App Connect Designer, you need to define an account to connect App Connect to your Magento system. That account allows App Connect to perform actions in Magento.

    To connect App Connect to your Magento system you need to find the required values for the following settings:

    • Store URL: The Magento store URL (Base URL with or without ending ‘/’ (slash); for example:
    • User name: The user name for your Magento account (a user with admin privileges)
    • Password: The password for your Magento account

    If your Magento system is on a private network (for example, behind a firewall in your on-premises data center), you’ll need to set up a secure gateway that App Connect will use to securely access Magento. You can use the IBM Secure Gateway Client to set up the required network connection for accessing protected data.

    If you’ve previously used the Secure Gateway Client to set up a network connection for an App Connect application that is on the same private network as the Magento system, you can use this network connection with Magento. If you don’t have such a network connection in place, configure one as described in Configuring a private network for IBM App Connect. Also ensure that the Magento system’s host and port are defined in the Secure Gateway Client’s access control list.

  • If you want an event in Magento to trigger flows in App Connect, you need to configure and activate a Webhook in Magento, with the Callback URL provided on the Marketo event node in an App Connect flow.

    For more information about how to configure and activate a Webhook in Magento, see the document Magento customization for webhooks support.

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