IBM App Connect passes key data between Trello and other apps – automatically, in real time.

You can use App Connect to connect Trello to your apps by mapping data graphically – without the need for coding – meaning that you can achieve a return on your investment in minutes or hours, not days or months.

This guide shows you how.

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About Trello

Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards, showing who’s working on tasks, and what progress is being made. New work comes from many sources, whether it’s a new campaign created in your CRM system or someone registering for an event that your team is organizing. App Connect makes sure that your team doesn’t miss a beat by automatically creating new teams, boards, lists, and cards in Trello when one of your apps is updated.

A typical business scenario

Say you work for a multinational company and your team is organizing a big conference. There’s a lot to do and not much time to do it. Some of your colleagues are based in different countries and even time zones, but it’s crucial that everyone can keep track of what’s going on. So you’re using Trello to organize your project.

You’ve created some boards, and you’re adding cards for each task that needs to be completed. Tasks are prioritized, have deadlines, and have been assigned to team members. So everyone can see at a glance how things are going. But the most important part of your conference is your delegates, and you want to make sure that you’re inviting the right people.

You’ve already invited the contacts in your CRM and marketing systems, but you’ve also been running some promotions to publicize the event and drum up more interest. As a result, you’re getting new leads in your CRM and marketing apps, new attendees signing up through your event management app, and delegates completing registration forms. You need to create cards in Trello to take action, but it’s a time-consuming manual task, and you don’t have the time.

How App Connect can help

Connect App Connect to your apps, and let it pass the key information to Trello – automatically. So whenever a new lead is added to to your CRM or marketing app, for example, a new card is added to Trello for you so that you can invite that contact to your conference. When a new delegate signs up to your event, or submits their registration form, a new card is added to Trello so that you can process that delegate. So no more time wasted manually creating cards for your new contacts and delegates.

What should I consider first?

You can see a full list of the trigger events and the actions that are available with Trello on the Applications tab on the App Connect Catalog page. Before you add some of the Trello events or actions to your flow, make sure you have the following resources:

  • You’ll need the user name and password of your Trello account so that you can connect App Connect to it.
  • If you add the “Create board” action to your flow, you must have an existing team in Trello for App Connect to add your board to; you’ll need to specify the name of the team in App Connect.
  • If you add the “Create list” action to your flow, you must have an existing team in Trello, and at least one board for that team, so that App Connect to add the list to your board; you’ll need to specify the names of the team and board in App Connect.
  • If you add the “Add card to list” action to your flow, you must have an existing board in Trello, and at least one list on that board, so that App Connect can add the card to your list; you’ll need to specify the names of the board and list in App Connect.

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