IBM App Connect passes key data between Twilio and other apps – automatically, in real time.

You can use App Connect to connect Twilio to your apps by mapping data graphically – without the need for coding – meaning that you can achieve a return on your investment in minutes or hours, not days or months.

This guide shows you how.

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About Twilio

Twilio is a cloud communications platform that offers voice, video, messaging, authentication, and other APIs for building applications. App Connect makes sure that your contacts get the latest info to hand; for example, by automatically getting Twilio to send a text message (SMS) to a client’s mobile phone when one of your apps is updated.

A typical business scenario

Say you work for a multinational company and your team is organizing a big conference. There’s a lot to do and not much time to do it. Some of your clients have provided mobile phone numbers as a way to send them the information and updates about events. So you’re using Twilio to handle SMS communications for your project.

You’ve already invited the contacts in your CRM and marketing systems, but you’ve also been running some promotions to publicize the event and drum up more interest. As a result, you’re getting new leads in your CRM and marketing apps, new attendees signing up through your event management app, and delegates completing registration forms. For those who people who want updates sent to their mobile phones, you need to create messages in Twilio automatically.

How App Connect can help

Connect App Connect to your apps, and let it pass the key information to Twilio – automatically. So, for example, whenever a new contact is added to your CRM or marketing app, and they’ve provided a mobile phone number as their preferred means of communication, a new text message is sent through Twilio to their phone for you so that you can invite that contact to your conference. When a new delegate signs up to your event, with their mobile phone number, text messages are sent through Twilio to welcome them and provide the latest information about the event. So, your contacts are kept up to date on their mobile phones, and your team wastes no more time manually communicating with your contacts and delegates.

What should I consider first?

You can see a full list of the trigger events and the actions that are available with Twilio on the Applications tab on the App Connect Catalog page. Before you add some of the Twilio events or actions to your flow, make sure you have the following resources:

  • You’ll need the “LIVE” credentials (account SID and auth token) of your Twilio account so that you can connect App Connect to Twilio. You can get the LIVE credentials on your Twilio Console Dashboard, under Settings > General:
  • Twilio phone numbers are in E.164 format, so if an application passes a phone number in a different format, you will need to transform the number to E.164 format before passing to Twilio.
  • To send a message, you must specify a “From” and a “To” value:
    • From: Specify a Twilio phone number (in E.164 format), an alphanumeric sender ID, or a Channel Endpoint address enabled for the type of message you wish to send. Phone numbers or short codes purchased from Twilio work here. You cannot (for example) spoof messages from your own cell phone number.
    • To: Specify the destination phone number for SMS/MMS or a Channel user address for other 3rd party channels. Destination phone numbers should be formatted with a ‘+’ and country code; for example, +16175551212 (E.164 format).


The Templates gallery in your IBM App Connect service provides examples of using Twilio in integration flows. If you are not signed in to IBM App Connect, you can see the templates available on the Templates for IBM App Connect page, and can search in that page for “Twilio”; for example:

Welcome guide template - part 2
Welcome guide template – part 2, showing Twilio action to send a message
SMS text messages sent by Twilio action in an App Connect flow
SMS text messages sent by Twilio action in an App Connect flow

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