These pages provide an overview of some integration use cases that IBM App Connect helps with.

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  1. Hi our customer would like us to index and search Confluence (Atlassian) documents and content from IBM Watson Discovery… this something IBM App Connect could help with?

    • Hi Allesandro
      Thanks for the question.
      I think this is something that IBM App Connect is well suited to help with. I’ve passed your question to my colleague’s to explore the specific use case with you.

  2. Hi Ian,

    Does App Connect continue to exist as a separate product ?

    Do the App Connect Enterprise clients get to use App Connect ?


    • @Suresh Hi,
      Thanks for the questions.

      A simple answer to your questions is “Yes”, but your choices are more flexible and positive, related to the two environments your referred to:

      IBM-managed cloud service on IBM Cloud – For what you referred to as “App Connect” (more accurately “IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud”)
      Software – For what you referred to as “IBM App Connect Enterprise” (and Professional software)

      A more explanatory answer:
      IBM-managed cloud service on IBM Cloud:

      The IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud service has a choice of plans; for example: Lite, Professional pay-as-you-go, and Custom Enterprise (annual subscription) and can be seen here:


      Customers who choose the IBM App Connect Enterprise (ACE) software (interested in running assets mainly in software installed on premises or in a private Cloud) will have entitlement to use IBM App Connect Professional v7.5.2 software. ACE customers will also have access to IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud as part of their entitlement to enable them to use the Cloud Connectors to enable flows running in the ACE Software to interact with SaaS applications. The ACE software is designed from the start to work well with IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud; for example, through the use of callable flows. Customers who wish to use additional functionality in the App Connect managed cloud service should look at Hybrid Entitlement options.
      Note: IBM App Connect Professional v7.5.2 will continue to be available as a separately purchasable offering for customers who do not require all of the capabilities available in ACE.

      For IBM App Connect Enterprise, you might like to keep an eye on the Resources > IBM App Connect Enterprise section in the Integration community, which we’ll be adding to in the coming weeks (while also adding content to IBM Knowledge Center).


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