Often the user interface of one application needs to display data from multiple other applications, as a data mashup that presents a single unified view of the data, without maintaining a copy of the data from those other applications and often without a native connection to the other applications.

IBM App Connect Professional provides such data mashups by gathering data from multiple applications on cloud and on premises, adding value by combining, transforming, and processing the data, before passing the data to the application that is to use it.

For example, App Connect can combine data from multiple cloud apps, data sources, and other services, and then pass the data to Salesforce.com to manipulate and present in a mobile app as a mashup. Salesforce can benefit from the large data sets in the other applications without needing to maintain its own copy of the data. Salesforce can also benefit from data in other applications that it has no native access to.

Cloud data mashup with IBM App Connect (Click the image to see full size.)

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