In many cases, in a move from proprietary applications to SaaS and cloud applications, you need to perform cloud data migration to migrate data from your proprietary applications to the cloud applications. For example, you might need to migrate customer data from a database or application on premises to cloud applications like’s cloud offerings (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Collaboration Cloud, and Custom Cloud applications).

Using IBM App Connect Professional’s capabilities, you can cleanse, enrich, and migrate data in real time from your proprietary applications to a wide range of cloud applications. You can select from hundreds of reusable Template Integration Processes (TIPs), with templates for all of the most common cloud integration scenarios and includes preferred practices.

Cloud data migration with IBM App Connect Professional (Click image to see full size.)

To develop your own cloud data migration solution, you can use IBM App Connect Professional’s configuration-not-coding approach and exploit pre-built connectivity to many proprietary applications, which include:

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Databases
  • Web services
  • Flat files

For example, many legacy applications use flat files to exchange data with other applications. Most ERP applications also support flat file imports/exports. IBM App Connect Professional can migrate data in flat files, screening the data as it is processed, and can transform the data in a variety of ways including from string to a structured representation.

Cloud data migration from a flat file with IBM App Connect Professional (Click image to see full size.)

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