You can exploit the extra capabilities of IBM Integration Bus (IIB) to interoperate with SaaS and cloud applications in a variety of ways:

  • In IBM App Connect Designer, you can use an HTTP node to call any API in your API catalog, invoking IIB or other integration flows
  • IIB can interact with IBM App Connect Professional through MQ or HTTP endpoints, passing information between IIB-connected back-end systems through IBM App Connect Professional and cloud applications like’s cloud offerings.
  • IIB flows can include the SalesforceRequest node to communicate synchronously with by using Loopback connector technology from Strongloop. The Loopback connector invokes Salesforce by using the REST API to perform create, retrieve, update, and delete operations on predefined and custom Salesforce object types in a Salesforce system.
IBM Integration Bus connectivity directly with Salesforce IBM Integration Bus connectivity directly with Salesforce (Click image to view full size.)

3 comments on"Using IBM Integration Bus to interoperate with SaaS and cloud applications"

  1. Does it mean that IIB will disappear as a standalone software and will be definitly merded in ACE ?

    • Ian_Larner June 15, 2018

      @Cyril Hello,
      IIB’s journey continues in ACE…

      From the ACE announcement letter:

      IBM® App Connect Enterprise V11 combines the existing, industry-trusted IBM Integration Bus (IIB) technology with new cloud native technologies of IBM App Connect Professional. App Connect Enterprise delivers a platform that supports a breadth of integration needs across a modern digital enterprise.
      The IIB runtime has been optimized for cloud native deploy and has been brought forward into App Connect Enterprise v11. Existing IIB workloads will run in v11.
      Existing IIB customers will be able to upgrade to App Connect Enterprise v11 as part of their S&S.

      You might like to keep an eye on the FAQ for ACE, such as What is happening with IBM Integration Bus?.


  2. Can I connect Salesforce and Amazon Web Services(AWS) using this App Connect. I didn’t see any info related to AWS.

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