This learning journey guides you through learning about IBM App Connect, covering subjects from a point of someone with no prior knowledge (zero) to someone with real know-how, skills, and experience with App Connect (hero!).

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The main journey diagram above shows the entire zero to hero journey with alternative routes for stages from left to right. Generally, each box in the diagram is for a subjourney, providing a link to open the page for that subjourney.

This content is being developed live to encourage feedback

This learning journey is under development, so some links won’t work, and some pages still needs more content and improvements to presentation and user experience. This learning journey won’t appear in the Table of Contents (TOC) until the journey is in a reasonable state to become more visible.

If you have comments about learning, you can add a comment to this page or any of the other pages under development.

  • How do you like to learn?
  • What do you want to learn about?
  • Do the journey diagrams help you? (or be better implemented differently?)

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