IBM App Connect 101 – Explore and Discover

Get started on your journey with IBM App Connect

There’s no prior knowledge required – but if you have it, feel free to skip what you know

If you wish to drop in and out, that’s fine too – App Connnect is Integration (and Learning) your way.

We can’t track your progress (yet!) but we’ve got your journey mapped so you won’t get lost.

There are five sections in this Journey:

1. How to Use this Course

Teacher and child with pad

A quick guide to the aims, structure and who the course is for

2. IBM App Connect Intro


Introducing IBM App Connect – and what it can do for you

3. Integration Concepts

What are the key ways to integrate with IBM App Connect?

4. Use Cases and Patterns

What are the use cases that IBM App Connect solves?

5. App Connect Concepts

How does App Connect work? What are the key components?

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