Creating APIs 301 – Diving Deeper

This page is a deeper dive into using APIs with IBM App Connect

Integration specialist concentrating on code

APIs are a request/response pattern

The pattern is generated automatically

There is a mandatory response payload

You can use all of the IBM App Connect capabilities but be aware of the following

Understanding the mechanics of API flow design:

scope of references

Understanding the mechanics of API flow design:

sequence of Execution

  • api request will trigger the flow

  • api request and response needs to be completed under 60 secs – REST APIs are short lived operations

  • scope 2 and scope 3 are triggered almost together

  • scope 3 will continue into scope 4 followed by api response returning with 2xx status code

  • scope 2 will continue to execute asynchronously

  • best way to handle long running operations via REST convention is to trigger a long running async job and immediately return back with 202 status code

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