At the end of this course you will be able to:

Business Charts with Magnifying Glass

Understand the Business Value of Integration

Integration is all about the business events and data

It’s not just about ‘The Plumbing’ and moving bits and bytes around. Having a real-time integrated business drives revenue, profits and efficiencies.

Know the Key Use Cases & Patterns

Most integrations are based on common patterns

This course will show you the most common integration patterns and how they apply to your business needs.

Diagram showing use cases connected to a central logo

Map Patterns into Running Integrations

IBM App connect takes the Business Use Cases and Patterns and Creates Integrations Processing Business Data

Being able to look at your integration needs, identify which of your use cases correspond to which patterns means you can quickly implement integrations based on good practices and accelerate your design phase.

Use App Connect to Create YOUR integrations

Use our award-winning tooling to easily implement the patterns for your business.

This course is not just theory – there is hands on as well! You will be able to use IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud to author, run, and demonstrate integrations for the key use cases – at production strength.

Picture of stylised components connected together

Know the App Connect Components and Capabilities

IBM App Connect has a number of components which all work together to provide integration capabilities

Being familiar with those capabilities and components will enable you both to quickly integrate without re-inventing the wheel but also be able to drive innovation beyond the ‘tradtional’ integration capabilities.

Use Smart Connectivity

IBM App Connect includes numerous Smart Connectors to Connect to your Applications

Connecting to all of the different applications in multiple clouds can be tricky. IBM App Connect can take the pain of creating those connections away with pre-built smart connectors which implement the connectivity patterns out of the box.

Tecnician with network cables at network rack

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