This page provides some general guidance to help you navigate through the learning journey…

Components to help you navigate the learning journey

Top-level journey diagram shows the entire Zero to Hero journey with alternative routes from left to right

Top-level journey page and diagram

This shows the entire learning journey with alternative routes for stages from left to right. Generally, each box in the top-level journey diagram is for a subjourney, providing a link to open the page for that subjourney.

Subjourney page and diagram

A subjourney guides you through a number of learning activities for a specific subject. Generally, each box in the subjourney diagram is for a page that provides contextual information about the subject learning activity and usually provides links out to more learning resources. A subjourney page usually includes a copy of the top-level journey diagram to help you see where the page is in that top-level journey.

A box in a learning main path diagram opens a page for a subjourney

Box in a learning subjourney opens a context page for the learning activity

Context page

A page that provides contextual information about a subject learning activity, explaining the learning activity and usually providing links out to more learning resources such as documentation, videos, or interactive labs. The page usually includes a copy of a subjourney diagram to help you see where the context page is in that subjourney.

Some guidance when you are using the learning journey

  • Click the boxes in the diagrams to move down to the next level (Top-level -> Subjourney -> Context page)
  • Start on the left of a journey diagram and generally move left to right as you progress
  • Where there is more than one box in a single column, these are flexible activities. In general, move top to bottom. If you find you already know one of the topics, feel free to skip over a box. You may prefer a different order; that’s fine too.
  • The left-to-right journey is a suggested way to progress through the available learning activities, not a prescribed sequence. If you want to skip ahead and come back later, or move immediately to detailed information on a particular area, that’s fine.
  • The current page is also shown in the table of contents (TOC) on the left. You can use the TOC to browse the learning journey structure and to open pages.
  • If you have chosen to hide the TOC, you can show the TOC again by clicking the Show TOC button.

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