IBM App Connect is for everybody!

This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn about
integrating with IBM App Connect at whatever level.

Designers at desks with laptops and photos

Architects and Integration Designers

Designing Integration Solutions based on Business Problems

Needing to understand how their integration solutions based on functional and technical requirements are best implemented using IBM App Connect.

Want to know enough about App Connect to design and recommend a technology implementation to take a leading role with Integrators and Integration Specialists in a cross-functional IT team.

Citizen Integrators

Use Integration to move data between their SaaS applications

Use multiple applications and have data spread amongst those apps

Want to move and use their data simply but still use the power of integration

For example, they may want to automate the reaction to changes in a customer record to trigger a loyalty action or campaign

Citizen Integrator at Desk With Monitor

AdHoc Integrator

Ad-Hoc Integrators

Sometimes need to quickly integrate with SaaS applications

Want enable their applications to interact with each other or with existing infrastructure.

Want to use their existing skills without investing time to learn concepts and skills that they do not need long term.

Digital Integrators

Need to develop integration solutions to respond to business requirements

Usually need to move, clean, merge, copy, update, or otherwise integrate data.

Maintain and enhance existing integrations.

Learn and practice enough to be a Subject Matter Expert for the integration platform, so prepared to invest more time and effort in learning.

Digital Integrator with Tablet at Cafe

Integration specialist concentrating on code

Integration Specialists

use integration to build backbone capability to move transactional data that is core to the day-to-day business operation

Needs a highly-capable runtime with rich tooling to build sophisticated flows.

Implements requests from citizen integrators and other integrators to enable integration with back-end/private apps and services (with restricted access) and to create aggregated data from different sources

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Each of these high level roles have guided paths through the Zero to Hero journey, suggesting the topics which they may be most interested in.

The paths are not definitive and you should choose those that map to your own needs as you follow your learning journey.