Learn the key concepts of IBM App Connect

What are the key features and functions?

How do all the parts link together?

How do use them to create integrations?

There are Seven sections in this Journey:

1. Cloud accounts and instances:

How does IBM App Connect appear ‘In the cloud’?

2. Dashboard & flow management:

IBM App Connect lets you have as many integrations as you wish.

How are these organised?

How do you stop and start flows?

How do you import and export flow definitions?

3. Catalogs, connectors, & accounts:

IBM App Connect lets you connect to many different endpoints

how is the connectivity achieved?

How can you connect to multiple instances of the same application?

How do you manage accounts and credentials?

4. Creating & editing flows (Designer):

Designers at desks with laptops and photos

Later on we’ll build integrations!

But what are some of the tooling concepts?

It might look different to things you’ve seen before!

5. Flow control – Start, stop, & test:

When you’ve built the flow, how do you get it going?

And how do you stop it when you need?

How do you check that it’s working OK?

6. Connecting to other clouds:

Not every application or system is exposed to the internet.

If systems are behind firewalls, how can we connect to them?

What options are available?

7. Logging & monitoring Integrations:

How do you know what your flows are doing?

When your flows are running, you can choose to have them produce logs

Where are these written and how do you find them?

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