Managing IBM App Connect integration flows by using the UI & Dashboard

The IBM App Connect UI on IBM Cloud includes a Dashboard to present all the integration flows for your App Connect instance together in one place.

The Dashboard is a “one-stop shop” for creating and managing your integration flows and connectivity options, and from which to manage your App Connect account.

Relationship between Dashboards and instances

Each IBM App Connect instance has its own Dashboard, showing the flows in that instance. If you have access to more than one instance, you can see different flows on each Dashboard.


You can export and import flow definitions between instances by using their Dashboards.
(Note: The IBM App Connect Dashboard is different to the IBM Cloud Dashboard, which is used to manage the resources, user, and other aspects of your IBM Cloud account.).

UI and Dashboard Concepts

The key parts of the IBM App Connect Dashboard are shown on the right

The Dashboard Menu (sometimes referred to as the Hamburger menu) allows access to the logs, to configure and manage private network connections, callable flows, and Toolkit flow policie

In addition it provides links to the welcome guide that you see when you first open IBM App Connect, and links to documentation and how to get help and support from IBM.

The Dashboard tab brings you back to the main Dashboard page which shows tiles for your flows.

(Click image to view full size.)

Catalog tab

This tab gives you access to manage your connector accounts and your APIs that you want to call from IBM App Connect. If you want to configure a new application connection, browse the list of available connectors or create a new call to an OpenAPI or WSDL WebService, this is the place to start.


TIP: The ‘Callable Flow’ connection for calling other App Connect flows is listed under ‘Applications’..