Flow Control – Starting, Stopping and Testing

Once you’ve created your IBM App Connect Integrations, how do you keep them under control and test them?

App Connect Integration tile with start menu

Starting Integration Flows

This is easy – just press ‘Start’!

You can start your integration flow from the dashboard – use the context (…) menu on the integration tile

You can also start your flow from the designer screen – use the menu on the top right next to the word ‘stopped’.

There are no separate ‘build’ or ‘deploy’ steps to start your integration flow: It’s one click!

Even though Flows for APIs don’t ‘run’ until they are called, you still need to start them before you can call the API

One of the most common causes of ‘My integration isn’t working!’ is ‘Have you started it?’

Stopping Integration Flows

The same as ‘start’, just click ‘stop’!

You can stop your flow from the tile menu on the dashboard or from within the designer screen.

API flows need to be started to accept API requests. If you stop an API flow and attempt to call it, you’ll get a 404:Not Found error..

It’s a good idea to stop schedule-driven flows when you don’t need them any more, especially if they are scheduled to run often. Each scheduled flow run counts towards your allowance.

Stop Sign

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