Logging and Monitoring

IBM App Connect on the cloud has logging built in – there are also monitoring capabilities

These vary depending on what types of integration you are building and are discussed below.

IBM App Connect Menu with Logging Option Highlighted


Integration Flow Logging is built-in the IBM App Connect Integrations.

Errors and exceptions are automatically logged but debug logging needs to be switched on so that you can see it. If you’re wondering where your debug logs are, check the debug status!

Logging is accessed through the ‘hamburger’ menu at the top left of the IBM App Connect Dashboard as shown.

Viewing and Filtering Logs

There is a built-in log viewer provided with IBM App Connect on the IBM Cloud

This shows the log entries for the selected time period

The time period is selected from a pull-down at the top-right – if you can’t see the logs you think should be there, check the time period especially if it’s first thing in the morning and your integrations were running last night.

To expand an individual log entry, click the chevron at the left side

IBM App Connect Logging Screenshot

Useful Log Viewer Capabilities

App Connect Logging Query Screenshot  class=


You can filter logs by pressing the filter icon and create custom filter conditions to see the logs you want.

IBM App Connect Downloaded Logs in Editor


You can export/download the logs as a .json file. Use the download icon.

App Connect Log Time Zone Settings Screenshot

Searching the logs

You can search the logs using the search icon

When searching, as well as the time period, you can also set the time zone – to the server or your browser. Use the settings (sprocket) icon.


IBM App Connect Monitors your integrations and shows you the status on the dashboard tiles

When you are building integration flows for APIs, there is built-in API Monitoring supplied as well.

Checking the Status of Your Integration Flows

App Connect Successful flow run


This flow is started and running. The green tick shows that there has been at least one flow through the integration. Hover over the tick to see the time of the flow run.

App Connect Flow Tile with Error


A red triangle with a ‘!’ symbol indicates a flow run has a problem. Click on the red ‘!’ triangle to display the logs for this flow.

Note that this is an error in a running flow, not an error in the flow design.

App Connect Incomplete Flow


Incomplete means that there are problems with your flow design that means that it cannot start

This may be for any number of reasons – open the flow in the flow editor (designer) and look for the problem messages

This is a problem with the flow design itself, not with the running of the flow – think ‘code won’t compile’.

App Connect API Monitoring

IBM App Connect has a built-in monitor for your API Flows

You can view the number of calls, response times and who called the API – as well as logging the calls themselves

To see which consumer made which calls, check the API key of the caller.

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