Ouick introduction to IBM App Connect

(Let’s get started!)

Learn the basics about the product

What different options it offers for you to deploy!

There are five sections in this Journey:

1. Escape the App-Ocalypse

What is App-Ocalypse?

What are the key integration problems that IBM App Connect Solves?

2. Examples and Demos

A sneak peak into what IBM App Connect can do for you!

Explore real-life demonstrations of how IBM App Connect easily integrates your applications, APIs and data

3. How to Buy and Pricing

What are the pricing options?

IBM App Connect can scale from the smallest department to the largest enterprise – and we have pricing options available to suit everyone.

4. iPaaS, Clouds and Deployment

A guide to IBM App Connect deployment options

Where IBM App Connect runs and what are the options around each choice

5. Different Editions

A guide to IBM App Connect Editions

How can you deploy IBM App Connect? How to choose which one is best for you.

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