IBM App Connect comes in different editions.

Each edition has different capabilities to meet different integration needs.


Offers powerful integration capabilities with IBM’s web-based no-code
experience for quickly connecting a range of application types and supporting a
range of integration styles including real-time event-based and scheduled batch
data copy/synchronization and REST APIs using a model-driven approach.

Professional generally appeals to business users as well as developers that need
to create integrations very quickly to deliver on a business requirement.


Brings together the Designer experience and full capabilities of the
Professional edition with the App Connect Enterprise Toolkit which supports
integration to any system or data and additional integration styles including
SOA and Messaging.

Enterprise tends to be used by integration specialists sitting in the IT team to
deliver on complex integration use cases.

Which edition do I need?

Each edition of App Connect includes the same powerful connectors and components with the ability to pay for more capacity as your needs grow. See the side-by-side comparison of the Professional and Enterprise capabilities or download our PDF

Integration Styles

Integration capabilities extend to without-code, event-based and batch/bulk data processing.

Global Transactions

Transaction between integrations such as XA


App Connect has the ability to connect to applications, services and custom-built software wherever they live, like HTTP, SOAP, SMTP, POP3, JDBC, ODBC, JMS or MQ as well as industry-specific endpoints, such as Commerce, PI systems or SWIFT.


Both App Connect Professional and Enterprise have the ability to build no-code solutions. App Connect Enterprise specializes in advanced flows with rules engines, sequencing, callable flows and custom code in languages like Java™, C# and .NET.

Management and Administration

Both versions of App Connect have tools to support the management and administration of built-in real-time performance statistics, analysis, activity logging and audit.

Deployment options

With capabilities that can connect to anything in a multicloud environment, take advantage of versatility in deployment.

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