Examples and Demos

There are many examples and demonstrations to show the capabilities of IBM App Connect.

The following are from the Welcome Guide shown when you first launch:

Boost Your Productivity

Use event-based triggers to automate how your apps work together and keep your team informed.

Build intelligent data flows

Route and enrich data using the power of conditional logic, cognitive enrichment, and situation detection.

Transform your data

Visually map and transform your application data to get the right data flowing between your applications.

Create APIs without code

Visually create flows and expose them as RESTful APIs, which can then be used for web and mobile apps.

YouTube Videos

There are a number of videos available on our YouTube Channel:

View playlist in Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzpeuWUENMK2Q77xr7QkvLxU5YxOJxVSH

The videos are also available in the Videos for IBM App Connect page.


There are a range of tutorials available to demonstrate IBM App Connect Scenarios in the Tutorials for IBM App Connect.

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