Subjourney: Integration concepts

Integration Concepts

Learn the basics about integration and connectivity

What are the benefits of connectivity?

Let’s stay interconnected!

There are five sections in this Journey:

1. Integration Flows

What actually we mean by flow? What is an integration flow?How does data move from one system to another?

2. Connectivity

How do we connect to our applications, systems, data and APIs? What types of connection are available?

3. Map and Transform

Data in one system may look different to that in another – how do we ensure that different systems can ‘talk’ to each other?

4. Logic and Routing

Integration is not always about moving data from A to B. If we need to use C and D as well but only if E is not true, how do we deal with that?

5. Error Handling

Not everything goes right first time! If something goes wrong, how do we detect it and put it right?

6. Security

It is important that data is integrated securely. What are the considerations we need to take into account?

7. Monitor & Manage

We should ensure that our integrations are running as we expect. What things do we need to keep an eye on?

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