Error Handling

Sometimes, not everything in integration goes right first time. When there is an error, it needs to be handled appropriately.

What is an error?

Errors can be Business Errors e.g. “Customer number not found in customer database” or Technical Errors e.g. “Could not connect to the database server”. Usually business errors represent known and declared exceptions whereas technical errors are undeclared and used to signal an unexpected condition in the run time. Errors can also be temporary or transient which can be resolved by trying again some time later e.g. “Application refuses request as there are too many requests at this time” or permanent which usually requires some human intervention “The password supplied for connecting to this system is incorrect”.

Error Handling

Error handling refers to the response and recovery steps from error conditions occurred during integration flow. It is the process of anticipation, detection and resolution of error therefore requires thoughtful design.

  • Return errors in a consistent manner that is independent of target applications.
  • To mask any sensitive information before tracing or creating a response message.
  • Trigger another flow to retry failed steps or to run an alternative path.
  • Log the failure to be monitored and diagnosed.

Error Handling

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