Integration flows

Integration is all about the movement and transformation of data.
The way we do this is by using something called an integration flow – the name comes from the data ‘flowing’ from one place to another.

What is a flow?

The dictionary definition of flow is the action or fact of moving along in space and time continuously and effortlessly. So it is the movement of something such as the flow of traffic, cars moving from one place to another to reach their destination.

Integration flows

It is all about movement of data

Just like any other “flow” integration flow is the action of moving. It is about the movement of data from one application to another, following different routes and rules based on the application characteristics and the negotiation between the applications.

The decisions to determine the actions to be flowed in an integrations flow could be driven purely by technical requirements or shaped by the business. Just like in a traffic flow, you are limited by the rules of physics (the car cannot fly.. Not yet) and traffics rules enforced by the governments (otherwise you will be fined).


Integration Flows in Digital World

Can you see the data flowing?

In real life you may or not realize but integration flows are triggered all the time such as:

  • When you place an order from your favourite shopping app, the order data then flows to shipping and accounting.
  • When you book a hotel from your favourite travel app, the booking data then flows to the hotel’s reservation system and to the payment app and to your bank and so on…
  • Then the marketing starts notifying you for more deals based on your booking/shopping preferences.

In the modern digital era the flow of data is not only limited in the enterprise boundaries, but could span different entities or could trigger another flow.

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