Logic and Routing

Integration is more than just taking data from system A and sending it to system B. There may be multiple systems involved and logic needs to be applied to ensure that the correct data is sent to the correct place. This logic can be both business logic or technical logic that makes the integration function correctly.

Integration styles

You can build integration flows for a range of integration styles that transfer data as

  • synchronized copy
  • bulk migration
  • in response to an event like a change in an application, a scheduled date/time
  • invocation of an API request

Perform a range of actions on the data

Perform a range of operations on the data, including:

  • Route the message based on information about the request to alternate back end applications that differ in implementation or quality.
  • Transform the content of a message into another format
  • Enrich, message need to be enhanced with additional information from other data sources in order to meet the requirements. invoke several services or database queries and combine the results as a single response.
  • Filter, content filtering, is the removal of extraneous content from a message based on rules and policies


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