Use Cases and Patterns

Which use cases does IBM App Connect work well with?

What are the ways you can integrate your data?

There are Six Sections in this Journey:

1. Integrate Data:

Data can exist in multiple places.

How do we ensure that it is consistent?

How do we access the data when we need it?

2. Act on Events:

Business events happen constantly.

How do we detect them when they happen?

Can we take action based on those events?

3. Create APIs:

Integration specialist concentrating on code

Data is often locked away

It’s in systems, applications and databases

Wow do we expose it securely and drive value?

4. Securely Connect to On-Premise:

A large amount of data is ‘behind the firewall’

It’s in on-premise systems or in other clouds.

How do we access that data whilst keeping it secure?

5. Exploit Enterprise Integrations:

Connect your iPaaS to your SOA and ESB?

Connect your events to your services?

How do different integration types interconnect?

6. Industry Use Cases:

Integration is key to all Industries

Check out some of our examples.

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