App Connect provides a toolbox with a set of utilities that you can use to apply some form of specialized processing to the data returned by applications or APIs in your flows. For example, you can apply “if-then-else” logic to the data returned from an event or action.

The toolbox utilities are available from the Toolbox tab in the flow editor when you are creating or editing a flow.

Toolbox tab in the flow editor

When you add a toolbox utility to a flow, it’s added as a node in the same way as an event or action for an application or API, with corresponding fields that enable you to define how to process the data. Here’s a summary of the utilities that App Connect provides:

Toolbox utility Description More information
Scheduler Trigger a flow on demand; for example, at repeating intervals or on a specific day or time. Available for event-driven flows only. Can be added only as an event.
If (conditional) Apply conditional processing to data returned from an earlier event or action in a flow.
For each Iteratively loop through a collection of retrieved items in order to extract individual records so you can take further action.
Log Define a log message that you want to send to your App Connect logs. Available only in App Connect on IBM Cloud.
Notification View business-relevant information that’s emitted from a flow and choose a course of action at the click of a button.
Situation detector Detect complex situations in your data so you can react to those situations.
Batch process Retrieve a large number of records (bulk data) from an application and process the records in parallel. Available only in App Connect on IBM Cloud.
Set variable Create a variable with defined properties and mappings that can be reused in a flow.
JSON parser Parse data that’s encoded in JSON format and returned from an earlier node in a flow.
CSV parser Process tabular data that’s formatted as comma separated values (CSV) returned from an earlier node.
XML parser Parse a string of XML text in UTF-8 encoding into an XML object representation of the string.

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