There are a few things that you can do to monitor and troubleshoot your flows in App Connect:

  1. Validate your flow
  2. Use the dashboard
  3. Use the logs (IBM Cloud instances only)
  4. Use the following resources: the App Connect status page, forums, and documentation

Validate your flow

Ensure there are no validation errors in your flow. If validation errors are detected, a warning icon Warning icon for flow validation is displayed on any nodes that require your attention. For more information about validating your flow, see Validating your flow is ready to run.

Use the dashboard

Look at the tile for a running flow on the App Connect dashboard.

  • If there’s a green tick, the flow has run successfully; click the tick to see when the flow was last triggered.

    Successful flow icon on a dashboard tile

  • If there’s a red exclamation point, there’s a problem; click the exclamation point to find out what’s gone wrong.

    Flow error icon on dashboard tile

    Tip: You can also view errors by clicking View errors in the tile’s options menu [⋮].

    Review the error messages shown in the “Error messages” panel. If using App Connect on IBM Cloud, you can view additional details in the Kibana logs by clicking the actions menu () for an entry and then clicking View logs.

    View logs option for error messages

    When the Kibana logs open, you can expand the relevant entry to view additional details.

    • Example: Expanded view of details in Kibana logs

      Expanded view of details in Kibana logs

    If you see an arrow to the left of an entry in the “Error messages” panel, you can also expand that entry to view additional details within the panel.

    Expanded details in the "Error messages" panel

Use the logs (IBM Cloud instances only)

  • To view additional log information for your flows, click the App Connect menu Icon for hamburger menu, and select Manage > Logs. Error and information messages for your flows are shown by default in Kibana, where you can view data for a specific time range, or use filters to show certain types of information. You can also enhance the log details with custom messages and fields, as described in Enhancing logging with customized log messages.
  • To view debugging information for your flows, open the menu on a flow tile on the App Connect dashboard, then select Enable debug logging.

    Screenshot showing the Enable debug logging menu item when you expand the tile menu

    You’ll then need to restart your flow for debug logging to start. Note that when you enable debug logging, debug log entries, potentially including payload data, are visible to IBM operators. To learn more about debug logging, see the Debugging flows tutorial. To learn more about Kibana, see the Kibana documentation.

  • To view log information for your integration servers, open an integration server and click Download logs or View logs. To view logs for an integration server in Kibana, you have to attach a Logging policy to that integration server (see Viewing logs for your integration servers).

Use the following resources: the App Connect status page, forums, and documentation

  • Check the following page to see if there are any current known issues with App Connect, and if there are any planned maintenance windows during which App Connect will be unavailable: IBM App Connect status.
  • Check the forum to see if an answer is already provided there.
  • Ask a question about your problem in the forum, providing as much detail as possible to help answer your question. Include the tags “bluemix” and “app_connect” (with an underscore). The forum is monitored by the IBM App Connect team and by other App Connect users.
  • (IBM Cloud instances only) If you have technical questions about developing or deploying an application with IBM App Connect, post your question on Stack Overflow and tag your question with “ibm-bluemix” and “app-connect” (with a hyphen).
  • Follow step-by-step instructions about how to connect your applications, APIs, and web services in the How to guides and Tutorials for IBM App Connect.

Help! The connection to an application is broken

  • When you configure App Connect to connect to an application like Gmail, a notification that you have authorized App Connect to use your account details is recorded in your account profile for that application. For example, if you provide App Connect with your Google credentials, so that App Connect can connect to your Gmail account, you can see this authorization specified in your Google account (under Sign in & security > Connected apps and sites). If you remove the authorization from your Google account, App Connect can no longer connect to your Gmail account and any flows that use Gmail as a target application will become inactive.

    To reconnect App Connect to an application where the authorization has been removed, go to the Applications tab on the Catalog page in App Connect. There, you can choose either to update the account, or to remove the account, and then add the account again (or add a new account).

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