Learn how to use App Connect Designer to create an event-driven flow that creates an Insightly lead when someone registers for an event in Eventbrite and additionally subscribes the attendee to a MailChimp campaign list.

Note: This tutorial assumes that you have signed up for free or trial accounts for Eventbrite, Insightly, and MailChimp, or that you have business accounts.

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Your company is using Eventbrite for its event management tasks and wants to publicize an expo to promote the latest product range and offer tickets for the event. Whenever an attendee registers for the expo in Eventbrite, the CRM team want App Connect Designer to automatically add that attendee as a lead in Insightly to help them pursue possible sales opportunities. The Marketing team also want to subscribe new attendees to a MailChimp campaign list so that they can be sent information about future promotions or additions to the product range.

First, find or create everything you need:

  1. Obtain an App Connect on IBM Cloud service. You can use an App Connect service that you already have or can sign up for App Connect.

    In this example, we use a new free App Connect – Lite plan service.

  2. Obtain account details for connecting App Connect to your integrating applications:
    • (If you haven’t already connected App Connect to your Eventbrite account) The email address and password of your Eventbrite account
    • (If you haven’t already connected App Connect to your Insightly account) Your Insightly API key and the version of the Insightly API that should be used to query and update data in your Insightly instance

      Finding your Insightly API key

    • (If you haven’t already connected App Connect to your MailChimp account) The user name and password of your MailChimp account

    If you haven’t already connected, complete these steps…

    1. Go to the Applications tab on the App Connect Catalog page to connect to your Eventbrite, Insightly, and MailChimp accounts.
    2. If Not connected is shown for Eventbrite, Insightly, or MailChimp, click to expand that row and then click the Connect button to enter the account information. For example:

      Connecting to Eventbrite

    3. If prompted, choose to allow IBM App Connect to access the application’s account.

    Tip: You can also connect to an application when you add it to a flow.

  3. Create a MailChimp list to which you want to subscribe the new attendees:
    1. Log in to your MailChimp UI using the account that you configured in App Connect.
    2. Create a list, now known in the Mailchimp UI as an audience. Your Mailchimp list (audience) is where you store and manage all of your contacts.
      Give your list an appropriate name; for example, named App Connect Insightly Tutorial List and enter sample values for any other mandatory fields.

    Mailchimp UI showing list (audience) created
    (Click the image to view full size.)

Next, create your flow:

Using the IBM App Connect Designer authoring experience, you can create your flow from a template, or from scratch if you want to explore the steps taken to create a flow.

Creating the flow from a template

This enables you to create the flow immediately, and then select each node in the flow to validate the node and select the application accounts that you want to use.

Tile for template, Add attendee to Insightly and MailChimp

Template name: “Add attendee to Insightly and MailChimp”

Creating the flow from scratch

This helps you to learn the sequence of steps used to create the flow, and to examine the nodes and fields as you go.

Template flow

  • Details

    1. Log in to App Connect Designer.
    2. From the Dashboard, click New > Event-driven flow.
    3. Complete the following steps. As you progress, App Connect automatically saves your changes. If you navigate away from the flow at any stage, the flow is saved as a draft flow that you can complete at another time.
      1. Enter a name that identifies the purpose of your flow; for example: Add attendee to Insightly and MailChimp.

        Eventbrite-to-Insightly-to-MailChimp flow name

      2. Select Eventbrite > New attendee as the event that is to trigger the flow.

      3. Click the (+) and then select Insightly > Leads > Create lead as the action that App Connect should use to create a lead record in Insightly.
      4. Configure these Insightly fields by mapping their values to those from Eventbrite:
        • First name: Click within the field and click Insert a reference Insert a reference icon. Then select First name from the References list.
        • Last name: Type last and then select Last name from the list.
        • Email address: Type em and then select Email from the list.
        • Lead description: Type Attendee at (with a trailing space) and click Insert a reference Insert a reference icon. Then select Event ID from the list.

        With this configuration, you are effectively saying that when the Insightly lead is created, you want their first name, last name, and email address to be pulled from the attendee values entered in Eventbrite. And that you want the Lead description field in the Insightly lead record to indicate that the lead was an attendee at the expo. (The Event ID value represents the ID assigned to the expo in Eventbrite.)

      5. Click the (+) and then select MailChimp > Members > Add member to a list as the next action to be performed.
      6. Select the MailChimp list (App Connect Insightly Tutorial List) that you created earlier, and to which you want to add subscribers.
      7. Configure the MailChimp fields by mapping their values to those from Eventbrite; for example:
        • Email Address: Type em and then select Email from the list.

        Mailchimp Add member to list action in App Connect flow editor
        (Click the image to view full size.)

        Tip: In this step, you mapped data only from Eventbrite (the source application). If required, you could have mapped data either from Eventbrite or from Insightly (the previous target application in the flow).
        Multiflow data mapping

    4. From the banner, open the options menu [⋮] and click Start flow. Then click Dashboard to exit the flow. Your flow is displayed on your Dashboard and is listening for your event – the addition of a new attendee in Eventbrite.

Finally, test your flow:

To test the flow, you can assume various roles: that of a CRM team member, a Marketing team member, and an individual (external to your company) who wants to register for the expo.

  1. [Marketing team member]:
    1. Log in to Eventbrite using the account that you configured in App Connect.
    2. Create a free and private event named App Connect Tutorial Event and enter sample values for any other mandatory fields.
    3. Make the event live so that people can register to attend.
    4. Go to the Event Dashboard for the event and make a note of the event URL, which is shown at the bottom of the page. (Remain logged in.)

    Eventbrite Event Dashboard with 0 tickets sold

  2. [Event attendee]:
    1. Using a different browser to that used for creating the Eventbrite event in the previous step, access the event URL. (Using two different browsers will enable you to stay logged in to the event organizer and attendee accounts simultaneously.)
    2. Register for the event by completing the mandatory fields; for example:
      • First Name: Anne
      • Surname: Other
      • Email Address: Use your own email address or an alias.

    Eventbrite registration confirmation for an event

  3. [Marketing team member]: After the event registration is complete, access and refresh the browser window from step 1 and verify that you can see order details for ticket buyer Anne Other in the Event Dashboard.

    Eventbrite order for a registered attendee

  4. [CRM team member]: Log in to Insightly using the account that you configured in App Connect and verify that a lead exists for Anne Other.

    Eventbrite attendee added as an Insightly lead

  5. [Marketing team member]: Log in to MailChimp using the account that you configured in App Connect. Then verify that Anne Other has been added as a subscriber to list App Connect Insightly Tutorial List.

    Mailchimp list (audience) showing new member added by IBM App Connect
    (Click the image to view full size.)

    Note: The Source field indicates that the member was added by IBM App Connect.

Congratulations, you have created a flow that adds a lead to Insightly and a subscriber to a MailChimp list whenever someone registers to attend your company’s expo.

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