Learn how easy it is to use App Connect to connect Marketo to Salesforce so that every time a new lead is added in Marketo, a lead record with the same information is automatically updated or created in Salesforce.

You want to make sure that your sales team is always up to date with the valuable customer information in Marketo, so that your sales team have the latest information to focus on revenue-generating leads. For this, you want your Marketo information to automatically sync to Salesforce and perhaps to be additionally enhanced by selective logic or cognitive actions.

First, find or create everything you need:

  • (If you haven’t already connected App Connect to your Salesforce account) The name and password of your Salesforce account. If you want to create a free test account in Salesforce rather than use your business account, make sure that you register for a Developer account from this URL: https://developer.salesforce.com rather than a Trial account. If you connect to App Connect with a Trial account, the Salesforce events don’t work.
  • (If you haven’t already connected App Connect to your Marketo account)
    • Connection details for a Marketo account to connect App Connect to your Marketo System of Record/Enterprise Application. That account allows App Connect to perform actions in Marketo.
    • For Marketo to trigger flows in App Connect, you also need to configure and activate a Webhook in Marketo, with the Callback URL provided by App Connect (when you connect to Marketo).

    For details about how to find these requirements, and perhaps connect App Connect to Marketo and create the Marketo webhook before continuing, see What should I consider first to use IBM App Connect with Marketo?

Next, create your flow:

Using the IBM App Connect Designer authoring experience, you can create your flow from a template, or from scratch if you want to explore the steps taken to create a flow.

Creating the flow from a template

This enables you to create the flow immediately, and then select each node in the flow to validate the node and select the application accounts that you want to use.

Template tile, Sync Marketo new leads with Salesforce Leads

Template name: “Sync Marketo new leads with Salesforce Leads”

After creating a flow from the template, you can continue to test your flow.

Creating the flow from scratch

This enables you to explore the steps taken to create the flow from scratch, like to create the template.

Template flow

  • Details

    In the App Connect Designerauthoring experience, complete the following steps:

    1. From the Dashboard, click New > Event-driven flow.
    2. Complete the following steps. If you navigate away from the flow at any stage, the flow is saved as a draft flow that you can complete at another time.
      1. Select Marketo as your first application (source).
      2. Select New lead as the Marketo event.
      3. If you haven’t already connected a Marketo account, click Connect to Marketo and follow the instructions to allow App Connect to connect to your Marketo account.
      4. Select Salesforce as your second application (target).
      5. Select Update or create Lead as the Salesforce action.

        If the desired Salesforce Lead already exists it will be updated; otherwise, a new Salesforce Lead will be created.

      6. If you haven’t already connected a Salesforce account, click Connect to Salesforce and follow the instructions to allow App Connect to connect to your Salesforce account.
      7. Define the conditions for Salesforce to update an existing Lead. Under “Update where all of the following conditions are true”, create the following field mappings (for example, using the Insert a reference icon ):
        Salesforce - Marketo
        Company    - Company name
        Email      - Email address
      8. For each field that you want to populate to the Salesforce Lead, click the Insert a reference icon , then select the Marketo field that contains the data that you want to transfer to Salesforce; for example:
        Salesforce - Marketo
        Last Name  - Last name
        Company    - Company name
        Email      - Email address
    3. Enter a name that identifies the purpose of your flow, for example: Sync Marketo new leads with Salesforce Leads
    4. From the banner, open the options menu [⋮] and click Start flow. Then click Dashboard to exit the flow.

      Your flow is displayed on your Dashboard and is listening for your trigger – the addition of a new lead in Marketo.

Finally, test your flow:

  1. Log in to Marketo with the account that you configured in App Connect, and create a new lead.

    You must complete the Last Name and Company fields as these are required by Salesforce to create a new lead. Also, the template flow uses the Last Name and Email fields to decide whether to update an existing Salesforce lead or create a new lead in Salesforce.

    Creating a new Marketo lead. (Click image to view full size.)
  2. A short time after you save the new Marketo lead, the flow tile on the App Connect Dashboard shows a new “Last successful run” message.
    Flow tile showing the last successful run message. (Click image to view full size.)
  3. Log in to Salesforce and check the leads list. Details of the lead that you defined in Marketo should now be displayed in Salesforce. Your flow will continue to add leads to Salesforce for every lead that’s added to Marketo.
    Salesforce – new lead created from Marketo. (Click image to view full size.)

You might choose to update the flow to add more nodes to perform actions on other apps, apply logic-based decisions to actions, or add value such as to use Watson for cognitive enrichment of data.

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