When you first use IBM App Connect you’ll see the Welcome guide, or to view it at any time go to the App Connect menu App Connect menu icon.

How to find the welcome guide from the App Connect menu. (Click image to view full size)

The guide introduces the basics of App Connect, and includes videos of how to build flows for a fictional sunflower festival. Each of the videos included in the welcome guide has an accompanying template in App Connect. To find the templates, go to the Templates tab in the banner, and search for the template that matches the video. All the templates include instructions on how to use them:

Search for the welcome guide templates in the templates tab. (Click image to view full size.)

In addition to the templates for the videos themselves, there are some setup templates. These templates use App Connect to populate the applications with the data needed for the flows. The template instructions for the main videos include information about which setup templates to use. Alternatively, you can set up the data yourself, or modify the templates to use your own data.

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