Healthcare integration, featuring the integration of clinical applications and medical devices that support Health Level Seven International (HL7)-based information flows, is made easier by the healthcare capabilities of IBM Integration Bus.

IBM Integration Bus Healthcare Pack provides pre-built patterns and connections enabling rapid clinical application and device integration for more connected healthcare systems. Improve quality of care and reduce manual errors by exchanging healthcare information with more thoroughness and efficiency—whether you are a healthcare provider, payer, payee or life sciences organization.

The IBM Integration Bus Healthcare Pack helps small, medium, and large enterprises to accelerate the delivery and roll out of healthcare solutions. How? By providing key features such as:

  • Clinical application and device integration that supports Health Level Seven International (HL7)-based information flows.
  • Patterns and connectors that support the integration of remote patient monitoring devices.
  • Prebuilt, healthcare-specific tools that accelerate integration deployments in healthcare organizations.
  • Deployment and configuration capabilities that can simplify integration setup and maintenance.
A client’s experience

Markus Gogolin, Clinical Software Integration Architect, from the University of Freiburg, Germany, works in Clinical Software Integration. Watch this video and find out what he thinks about the IBM Integration Bus Healthcare Pack.

The ability to have a product that addresses the challenges in the Healthcare industry are making huge differences for the University of Freiburg and their Healthcare integration needs. In addition, the ability of IBM Integration Bus to ‘connect everything to everything’ allows further flexibility for the customer in solving their integration needs.

Learn from the IBM developers
Learn from members of the development team about the IBM Integration Bus Healthcare Pack (Podcast):

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  1. Thanks for the information.. This video give me a better understanding of the IIB. And its funny as well.

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