This section provides information that can help you plan your implementation of IBM Integration Bus Healthcare Pack.

IBM Integration Bus Healthcare Pack features

IBM Integration Bus Healthcare Pack provides the following features:

  • Message models that you use to parse, route, and transform HL7 messages in a message flow, see Message models
  • Input and output nodes for integrating HL7 clinical applications with your message flows, see HL7 nodes
  • Integration with medical devices, so that you can capture data, see Medical device integration
  • Integration with DICOM Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS) and DICOM modalities, so that you can locate, process, and transfer DICOM images by using message flows, see DICOM image integration
  • Healthcare-specific patterns that you can use to generate solutions for connecting medical applications, see Healthcare patterns
  • Operational monitoring of data transmission to medical applications, see Operational monitoring
  • Generation of ATNA audit events to support patient information confidentiality, data integrity, and user accountability, see ATNA audit events
  • The capability to extract information from healthcare data in message flows and to send the information to data warehouses for analysis, see Healthcare data analysis
  • Conversion of HIPAA files to XML files by using the Healthcare: HIPAA to XML pattern, see Healthcare patterns
System requirements

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System Requirements for IBM Integration Bus Healthcare Pack version 4.0

The links below are located in the SPCR tool and go directly to the supported operating systems, prerequisites, system requirements, and optional supported software for the specific operating system.

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