IBM Integration Bus provides a universal integration capability that addresses a wide range of integration scenarios. These scenarios include web services such as SOAP and REST, messaging, database, file, ERP systems, mobile, physical devices, email, custom systems and more.

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IBM Integration Bus offers a flexible, dynamic, and extensible infrastructure where your systems of record and your systems of engagement can interact and exchange data regardless of the message formats or protocols that each one supports.

Integration Bus has a range of deployment options to suit your business needs. For example you can deploy on-premise, to public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, or to the IBM-managed cloud service, Integration Bus on Cloud.

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IBM Integration Bus is a compatible evolution of WebSphere Message Broker that is designed to incorporate features that are found in WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus.

IBM Integration Bus supports:

  • A wide range of protocols: WebSphere® MQ, JMS 1.1, HTTP and HTTPS, web services (SOAP and REST), File, Enterprise Information Systems (including SAP and Siebel), and TCP/IP.
  • A broad range of data formats: binary formats (C and COBOL), XML, and industry standards (including SWIFT, EDI, and HIPAA). You can also define your own data formats.
  • Many operations, including routing, transforming, filtering, enriching, monitoring, distribution, collection, correlation, and detection.

With IBM Integration Bus, you can:

  • Utilize robust capabilities to address diverse integration requirements to meet the needs of any size project.
  • Help your entire organization make smarter business decisions by providing rapid access, visibility and control over data as it flows through your business applications and systems.
  • Connect throughout an array of heterogeneous applications and web services, removing the need for complex point-to-point connectivity.
  • Provide extensive support for Microsoft applications and services to make the most of your existing Microsoft .NET skills and software investment.
  • Deliver a standardized, simplified and flexible integration foundation to help you more quickly and easily support business needs and scale with business growth.

In the following video, Jezz Kelway and Elaina Mickelburgh from the IBM Hursley Lab introduce you to the key points of IBM Integration Bus version 10:

Length: 03:41 min

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