Executive summaries, developerWorks articles, and IBM Redbooks offer you additional material to develop your knowledge and skills adopting IBM Integration Bus.

Executive summaries

Find out how IBM Integration Bus improves your business agility in today’s world @Improve business agility with IBM Integration Bus.

DeveloperWorks articles

IBM developerWorks articles deliver skills, technical know-how, and materials to IBM technical professionals, Business Partners, clients, and the marketplace in general.

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Redbooks on IBM Integration

Throughout the history of the IT industry, integration has been an important part of most projects. Whether it is integration of transactions, data, or processes, each has challenges and associated patterns and antipatterns. In an age of mobile devices, social networks, and cloud services, and big data analytics, integration is more important than ever, but the scope of the challenge for IT projects has changed.

Partner APIs, social networks, physical sensors and devices, all of these and more are important sources of capability or insight. It is no longer sufficient to integrate resources under control of the enterprise, because many important resources are in the ecosystem beyond enterprise boundaries.

A must read! if you are interested in IBM Integration:

  • The Integration Patterns IBM® Redbooks® Solution Guide focuses on using IBM products together as a “hybrid” integration solution to achieve total company integration.
  • The Integration Throughout and Beyond the Enterprise IBM® Redbooks® publication guides integration practitioners and architects in choosing integration patterns and technologies.

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  1. “IBM Integration Bus developerWorks articles” link does not work.

    • Hi Mirza,
      The link is an RSS query, which does return a list of IBM Developer articles.

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