This section illustrates the message throughput per platform that is possible with IBM Integration Bus V10 for a number of common processing use cases.

Before using performance information, be sure to read the general information under Notices.

The performance results provide data on CPU utilization and I/O contention:

  • CPU is limited by the speed of the CPU.
  • I/O is limited by the speed of the I/O subsystem.

There was no error processing and no error conditions set in any of the measurements.

All messages were successfully passed from one node to another through the Out or True terminal.

No messages were passed through the Failure terminal of a node.

Results by Platform

1 comment on"Message Throughput Results"

  1. James Berube November 13, 2015

    Very interesting to see all the different results like this by platform. Windows did much better than I thought in (more in line with Linux numbers) and it was interesting to see the numbers flip (in many cases) between AIX and Windows/Linux as the message sizes became larger. I didn’t expect to see that. With AIX processing the smaller messages faster in many cases, but Windows/Linux doing better on the larger messages. Good stuff.

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