The SOAP provider use case is based on a sales processing scenario. At the time of a sale, the customer’s name, the code for the product, a description of the product, its category, the unit price, and quantity purchased are recorded. Each customer might purchase several items. At the end of each day, the sales of each store are consolidated in a single list. Any store can call this service to obtain the consolidated number of sales for the day, and the time at which the request was made.

The SOAP provider application receives a SOAP over HTTP request message, calculates the number of sales to record, and responds with the total number of sales for the day and the time at which the service was called.

The messages used for input and output are self-defining XML messages.  Each message consists of three parts:

  • A header, which contains a count of the number of repetitions of the repeating SaleList structure that follows.
  • The body, which contains the repetitions of the repeating SaleList structure.
  • The trailer, which contains the time the message was processed.

Results per platform

Results for the SOAP provider use case can be found for each platform here:

SOAP Provider Message Flow

The message flow performs the following processing:

  • Receives a SOAP over HTTP message.
  • Transforms the message by using a Mapping node.
  • Sends a SOAP message as a response to the initial call.


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