You can use the full-function IBM Integration Bus for Developers edition (also known as Developer Edition) to create and test integration solutions without charge. When you have installed IBM Integration Bus for Developers, all integration nodes are created in developer mode by default. Message flows deployed to IBM Integration Bus for Developers are limited to perform no faster than one message (transaction) per second.

When you are ready to put your integration solution into production, you need to purchase a license for an alternative product edition, download the full IBM Integration Bus from the IBM Passport Advantage site (this includes a non-developer license and has no performance restrictions), and install it. If you want to reuse integration nodes which were created whilst assessing the product using IBM Integration Bus for Developers, then you can change the operation mode of your nodes using the mqsimode command in order to avoid recreating them. You should change their operation mode to conform to your selected license.

Your choice of edition should be appropriate for the features that you want to exploit when developing your integration solutions.

Your choice of edition also depends on where you want to put your integration solution into production:

  • If you want to deploy to IBM Integration Bus on premises, your choice of edition should be appropriate for the capabilities of that on-premises runtime environment.
  • You can deploy your integration solutions to a range of other options to suit your business needs. For example you can deploy to public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, or to the IBM-managed cloud service, Integration Bus on Cloud. In such cases, your choice of edition depends on what you want to exploit when developing your integration solutions.

If you want further details about license agreements, or if you want to purchase additional licenses or change the type of license that you have purchased, contact your IBM representative.

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IBM Integration Bus editions provide different capabilities and capacity

You can choose the edition that you want to purchase based on the capabilities and capacity that you require. The following list is a summary of differences between the main editions; more details are provided by links after the list.

  • Advanced edition (Advanced mode)
  • Standard edition (Standard mode)
  • Express edition (Express mode)
    • Provides a subset of capabilities that meet the integration needs of departments and small-to-midsize companies.
    • Supports unlimited message flows within one integration server.
    • If you later need more capability or capacity, just purchase an upgrade to Standard or Advanced edition and switch your integration node to the appropriate mode.

The following collapsed section provides the page “IBM Integration features” from the product documentation in IBM Knowledge Center. To browse the content and linked pages, you might find it more convenient to open the page in IBM Knowledge Center by clicking the following link: Open IBM Integration features page in IBM Knowledge Center

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Scale mode supports a limited set of message flow nodes, for use in unlimited message flows within unlimited integration servers. Scale mode can be used in Standard and Advanced editions of IBM Integration Bus.

Other modes of operation are also available for use under specific conditions; for more information, see Operation modes in the product documentation.

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