This lab guide provides a “hands on” introduction to the IIB support of MQTT and how IIB V10 can be integrated with IBM Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation. The IoT Foundation hosts a MQTT server on the internet and provides a quick start demonstration service.

  • Lab instructions
  • Lab files: This lab does not currently have any resources or supplied solution.

2 comments on"[iib10] Lab 12: MQTT using IoT Cloud"

  1. ILIYA Dimitrov February 17, 2017


    Are you still experiencing the above issue? If so, could you please provide the error you see?

    Thank you

    kind Regards

  2. ramyaraju July 15, 2016

    I have configured everything as lab document says, but when I trigger from IOT debugger was started but the message was not come out of MQTTSubscribe node,
    Below error I am getting

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