(March 2016: Lab updated for IIB10003) This lab explores how to control and use a REST API (created in the lab
Developing a REST API Service) from within IBM API Management.


  • Deploying REST API within IIB
  • Pushing REST API to IBM API Management
  • Adding REST API to API Management plan
  • Publishing REST API for use within application
  • Workload rate limiting using APIM/DataPower
  • Workload rate limiting using IIB workload policies
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    1. Is API Connect lab ready to be used with IIB?

    2. harry6059 June 16, 2016

      Hello Thompson,

      Thanks a lot for all these wonderful labs.

      I have a couple of questions here…
      1) Why do we need to use DataPower here. Cant we push the API to API Management and proxy it from there?
      2) As we dont have the lab set up, can you also guide us in creating the API Management account ( may be trial version) and connect to it from IIB. I am not asking for DP here as i know that its not possible..
      3) If we create the API services in IIB, can we use it/ expose to external parties without pushing into IBM API Management? What is that extra feature that we get while using API Management when we have the API services in IIB, is it only the security feature? I think IIB is having more flexibility/ functionalities to do a data manipulation/ other things which IAM does for a request which it receives.

      Response from Product Introduction Specialist

      1. IBM DataPower Gateway is used to control access to the REST API, as per the policies defined using IBM API Management. Only those API requests using a client ID and client secret for registered applications will go through. Rate limits defined in APIM are enforced at the gateway.
      2. IBM API Management has been replaced by a new offering, API Connect. This is available now as a service through IBM Bluemix on a trial basis. The DataPower Gateway component is part of this service. We are in the process of writing a new lab guide which will describe how to use this service with IIB and this should be ready within the next few weeks.
      3. API Management and now API Connect provide the means to secure requests to the REST API at the edge of the network. You can complement it with policies enforced at the IIB level, e.g. through workload management as in the lab guide.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,

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