This lab demonstrates a typical use case for integrating a mobile app with a REST API service running on IBM Integration Bus.


  • Explore REST API service in Integration Bus Toolkit
  • Explore a Mobile application in the MobileFirst Studio
  • Connect the Mobile application to the REST API service
  • Create an adapter
  • Test Mobile application in Mobile Browser simulator

3 comments on"[iib10] Lab 5: MobileFirst Integration"

  1. Client for Eclipse 3.5.x (p2 Install) from where to install ?
    Please provide me the appropriate path to download it.

    • Ian_Larner June 14, 2016

      Please explain your need for “Client for Eclipse 3.5.x”? I do not see where this is required for Lab 5.

      • Hi,
        In exercise before installing mobile first, there is need of p2 install repository, In lab, it being already install. From where we can deploy them.
        please ellaborate without pre existing files.

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