(March 2016: Lab updated for IIB10003) In this lab guide you configure two MQ applications to show how MQ queues can be accessed on queue managers configured in different ways.


  • Running MQ applications on IIB Nodes with and without an associated queue manager
  • Reuse of Graphical Data Maps stored in Shared Libraries
  • Configuring MQ node connection properties in Toolkit
  • IIB Flow Exerciser testing
  • Bindings and Client connections to MQ queue managers


Add MQ to IIB.

2 comments on"[iib10] Lab 6: MQ Flexible Topologies: Configuring MQ nodes using MQ Connection Properties"

  1. Did anyone get following error when doing part 5.3?

    Error sending request to http "http://localhost:7800/empServClient_getEmployeeMQ"

    BIP3113E: Exception detected in message flow JSON_MQClient (integration node IB10NODE_CMQ)
    Exception. BIP2230E: Error detected whilst processing a message in node 'JSON_MQClient.JSONToXML'. : F:\build\S1000_slot1\S1000_P\src\DataFlowEngine\PluginInterface\ImbJniNode.cpp: 1265: ImbJniNode::evaluate: ComIbmMSLMappingNode: JSON_MQClient#FCMComposite_1_6
    BIP2230E: Error detected whilst processing a message in node 'JSON_MQClient.Remove HTTP Header'. : F:\build\S1000_slot1\S1000_P\src\DataFlowEngine\PluginInterface\ImbJniNode.cpp: 1265: ImbJniNode::evaluate: ComIbmHTTPHeaderNode: JSON_MQClient#FCMComposite_1_7
    BIP3001I: Exception thrown by throw node 'JSON_MQClient.Throw'; text is ''THNOMESSAGE''. : F:\build\S1000_slot1\S1000_P\src\DataFlowEngine\BasicNodes\ImbThrowNode.cpp: 268: ImbThrowNode::evaluate: ComIbmThrowNode: JSON_MQClient#FCMComposite_1_3


    • To add to the above everything works on 1 integration node and works on 2 separate ones if I use MQ Client connection instead of localhost.

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