(March 2016: Lab updated for IIB10003) This lab guide covers how to override MQ Connection properties using MQEndpoint policies. In this lab guide you configure two MQ Applications, to show how MQ queues can be accessed on queue managers where the queue manager exists on a remote IBM MQ Appliance using an MQ Client connection.


  • Running MQ applications on IIB Nodes without an associated queue manager
  • Generating and attaching an MQ Endpoint Policy in Toolkit
  • Configuring an MQ Endpoint Policy in the Web Administration Console
  • IIB Flow Exerciser testing
  • Connecting to queues on an MQ Appliance


Add MQ to IIB.

2 comments on"[iib10] Lab 7: MQ Flexible Topologies: Configuring MQ nodes using MQ Endpoint Policies"

  1. Hi,

    Should we need to install Websphere MQ to create queues. Because, while I am trying to create queue in the step “2.4 Set the Queue Manager for TESTNODE_iibuser “, and click on finish, I get the below error. can you please help.

    BIP6124E: Can not load MQ libraries from Installation Path (”\bin64\mqm”) due to error (‘0’).
    Can not load MQ libraries from Installation Path (”\bin64\mqm”) due to error (‘0’).
    Ensure that the MQ libraries install path points to a valid set of MQ libraries.
    BIP8081E: An error occurred while processing the command.
    An error occurred while the command was running; the command has cleaned up and ended.


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