You can use the IBM Integration Bus Toolkit to write business rules by using natural language, so that they can be read easily by business users (for example, a business analyst). In the Integration Toolkit, you create a decision service, which is a collection of rules that are used to process a message.

A DecisionService node executes those business rules to provide operations like routing, validation, and transformation. You can either write rules in the Integration Toolkit, or import rules from IBM Operational Decision Manager. You can also retrieve rules from an external IBM Operational Decision Manager repository.


  • Creating business rules in the ODM Rule Designer
  • Deploying to the ODM Decision Center and Rule Execution Server
  • Using the rule in the IIB Toolkit with a Decision Service node
  • Testing the rule with IIB
  • Updating the rule with the ODM Business Console


Add IBM Operational Decision Manager to IIB.

8 comments on"[iib10] Lab 8: Implementing Business Rules with IBM Operational Decision Management using the Employee Service scenario"

  1. Jeff Mausolf June 09, 2017

    Good tutorial – was able to complete the ODM portion but the first step in section 3 says to import the integration service using IIB. The lab file above only contains the business rules. Can you include the IIB integration service as well or share that separately?
    These files are referenced :

    but the lab file link above if for downloading
    This file contains c:\student10\BusinessRules only!

    • Ian_Larner June 12, 2017

      Thanks for the positive comments!
      Apologies about missing out the solution from the other lab, when trying to cut down the complete set of files to more-manageable chunks.
      You can download the complete set from the Self-study labs page.
      (In future, we’re likely to continue with just the complete packages as downloads.)
      Regards, Ian

  2. Does this also work for IIB v9? Do you have a sample flow?

    • ILIYA Dimitrov February 16, 2017

      Hi Brenda,

      Yes, this will work with IIB V9.

      I will e-mail you some solution message flows for you to explore.

      Thank you

      • Ramesh Patil November 13, 2017

        I want to go through the sample to learn how the business rule works. Can you please email me the sample.


        • Ramesh,
          You can find sample resources for the lab in the folder C:\student10\BusinessRules, such as in C:\student10\backup\BusinessRules\solution\ODM. You can download the student10 folder from the Self-study labs page.
          Other samples are available if you sign up for a trial of ODM.
          Regards, Ian

  3. Hi Nathan, First thing first, The labs are really useful for any level of expertise. Thanks! for sharing them. Quick Question, is there a trial version of ODM that we can download? Please let me know.

    Thank you!

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