(March 2016: Lab updated for IIB10003) This lab investigates two techniques for message flow security:
1. Authentication and authorisation with username/password, using an LDAP database for both authentication and authorisation.
2. Authentication and authorisation with X.509 certificates


  • The JSON Client Application
  • IBM Security Directory Server
  • Securing message flows with LDAP Authentication and Authorisation (username and password)
  • Using clear text and SSL connections to LDAP
  • Extracting credentials from X.509 certificates for authorisation

3 comments on"[iib10] Lab 9: Message Flow Security"

  1. How we can get SDS Instance Admin Tool?

  2. PoornimaAlla June 15, 2016

    HRDB Database is not been accessed from my system.. How can I work with my database?

    • Hi @PoornimaAlla,
      If you are using DB2, then you can simply create the HRDB database. If you want to create the EMPLOYEE and DEPARTMENT tables yourself, the resource file for Lab 1 contains the DDL that is used by the HRDB database in DB2.

      I can’t promise anything for the future, but we are looking at more-general database definition/script, so the lab can be run on any database.

      Regards, Ian

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