On distributed systems, WebSphere MQ is no longer a prerequisite for using IBM Integration Bus Version 10, which means that you can develop and deploy applications with IBM Integration Bus without needing WebSphere MQ.

In this lab, you use the IBM Integration Bus for Developers V10 Toolkit to build a message flow that uses MQ nodes, and use the Flow Exerciser to deploy and test your message flow and its use of WebSphere MQ. You also use the WebSphere MQ Explorer to create a queue manager and queues.


This self-study lab requires that you have installed WebSphere MQ for use with IBM Integration Bus; for example, as described in the page Installing WebSphere MQ for use with IBM Integration Bus for Developers.

3 comments on"[iib10] Lab MQ: Build and run an integration solution that uses WebSphere MQ"

  1. Waleed Abu Yahia August 31, 2016

    I want to ask how can I send a message to MQ using MQ output and MQ header, I did everything and it shows that everything is working fine but when i check the queue nothing is there.

  2. guang ying June 02, 2016

    I can not download the pdf

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