This first video tutorial is extremely simple, and is intended for new users of the IBM Integration Bus Toolkit.
These tutorial videos will increase in difficulty and involvement as you become more familiar with the Palette and Nodes.

This video demonstrates a simple integration service with a SOAP/HTTP binding. The integration service converts temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit, or from Fahrenheit to Celsius, by using request-response operations.

In IBM Integration Bus, an integration service is a specialized application with a defined interface that acts as a container for a web services solution. The service interface is specified in a WSDL document that contains the operation and fault definitions. Each service operation and error handler is implemented as a subflow in the integration service.

You will import the integration service to your Integration Toolkit workspace, and invoke the integration service to send a SOAP request by using the Flow exerciser.

The video is best viewed at full size on YouTube with headphones/speakers:
Toolkit Tutorial Video 1

Alternatively it is embedded here:

1 comment on"Toolkit Tutorial Video 1: Integration services (SOAP/HTTP inputs)"

  1. Duc Nguyen Minh September 15, 2017

    Hi, i followed your guide, when i create new Integration Service by import my own WSDL file, i can not support both SOAP & SOAP 1.2

    P/S : this WSDL file is exported from my Production webservice, which support 2 types of binding, SOAP & SOAP 1.2

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